Better Soldering
(Weller/Cooper Tools Reprint)    


Weller hopes that this short manual will help explain the basics of Soldering. The emphasis will be on the care and use of equipment.


Soldering is accomplished by quickly heating the metal parts to be joined, and then applying a flux and a solder to the mating surfaces. The finished solder joint is a metallurgical bond of the parts - forming an excellent electrical connection between wires and a strong mechanical joint between the metal parts. Heat is supplied with a soldering iron or other means. The flux is a chemical cleaner which prepares the hot surfaces for the molten solder. The solder is a low melting point alloy of non ferrous metals.

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Teach Yourself How to Play the Guitar Overnight!


First of all, we must forget everything we've ever thought about how complicated playing music is. I compare it to 'math anxiety' Many people fear music and think that it takes a genius to be a good musician. To be a master it might take a genius, but to play songs on the guitar, sound good and have a great time is only a lesson or two away! I have been playing piano, guitar, bass, flute and drums. I have taught many friends and family members how to get started playing songs on the guitar practically overnight. When you are dedicated enough and passionate about learning the guitar, it comes a lot easier than you may think. A friend is also excelling at the guitar and the bass guitar since I've shown her a few methods and tricks. I hope this gives you the kick start you need to get started rockin' and rollin'! Enjoy.


Grab your guitar! I am assuming that prior to reading this you have a pretty good idea of how to hold a guitar and pluck the strings either with your finger(s) or with a guitar 'pick'. If not here's the rundown: (For Lefties, Do everything opposite i.e 'left upper thigh' etc.)

Part 1     Part 2

CNC Controller

Let me tell you a story. It all started when I wanted to fulfill a "looongtime" dream. I have always be facinated with CNC machine. I had collected parts and pieces. But had never taken the time to build a CNC machines. SO....

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