My CNC adventures

It all started with a thought!! Please note: I'll try to define some terms but I won't promise.

  • My first kit was a 4 axis parallel port breakout board with 3 NEMA 23 motors
  • My next effort was to construct a CNC machine
  • Meanwhile, I bought another breakout board that was USB
  • This board had proprietory software so I started writing a front end using Visual Studio 2015 - C# Language
  • I designed and started to build my own breakout board
  • To DIY my own took me down the path of learning MPLAB
  • During all this I started building a 30" by 60" router table
  • I also worked on a smaller version of the router table
  • My friend had a 2'x2' Torchmate table he used for plasma cutting that I'm converting to a router table
  • I traded the 30" x 60" for a 3D printer
  • I have 5 total controllers - 2 Parallel ports and 3 USB
  • The FUN has not stopped yet!!!!

Friends are wonderful. One said, "Ok, All this is great but what have you built (made, fabricated, etc)?"

I replied, "Huh???"