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Build it - They might not come BUT, You'll have a GREAT Time

DIY - DO IT YOURSELF. A great term for the adventurous. I knew a man (not a mechanic) who read a manual and overhauled his car's motor. He wanted to do it so he read a book and successfully performed the overhaul.

The point is no matter what you want to try - Try it. The worst is that you fail miserably. The best is that it works out superbly. Either way, YOU WIN!!! You tried. You learned!

With the internet today, The hardware giants, online kit providers; There's no reason to not attempt DIY. Pick a project. Study up on it. Get the pieces. DIY IT!!!

The same goes with learning to play an instrument or anything else, for that matter. Pick up a cheap guitar, watch online videos, learn tablature, learn to play.

Beautiful boxes to showcase your Talents

Use as many boxes as you like, and put anything you want in them! They are great for just about anything, the sky's the limit!

The boxes can be 3D picture frames covered with glass to display something you created. You might even make money if someone wants to buy it from you. You can build the display. display something you created, let others know, WOW!!!